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Some Orere Point residents don't have a computer, let alone an Internet connection. Some of the items herein may be of interest to others who won't find out about things until the seasonal newsletter turns up in their letterboxes. If you have friends or neighbours out here who don't have Internet access, please feel free to pass on any bits of info you think worth sharing. You can also get full colour copies of the newsletters below.

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Planned Maintenance for this week in Franklin area as advised bt Franklin Local Board - See HERE

Storm Damage Update
As everybody knows, there was a lot of damage caused by the weather bomb on 7-8 March. Click HERE for a report (dated 17 March) giving an overview of where things are at.

Inorganic Collection 2017
Bookings are now open for the 2017 inorganic rubbish collection. Go to https://inorganiccollections.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Inorganic/ to book yours.

Restricted Fire Season
Orere Point is included in a Restricted Fire Season as usual this summer.For details and other links, go here:

Fishing Competition - Anniversay Weekend
Orere Community & Boating Club held their summer competion as usual on Auckland Anniversary Weekend. The weather was great, but the fish were not as plentiful as hoped. The Kawakawa Bay - Orere Clinics & First Response were the beneficiaries of the fish auction, taking $687. Some of the ladies from the bay came over to help collect money on the day. Winners of the main prizes were as follows:

Heaviest Snapper - Anita Tou (1.67kg)
Average Snapper - Natalie Foots (0.87kg)
Heaviest other - Bill Walker - (Kahawai 2.2kg)
Kids Average Snapper - Tommy McFarlane (0.68kg)

Fools on the Beach
Nothing new there of course. This time it's idiots tearing up and down on quad bikes and motocross bikes. The noise is nuisance enough, but with familes trying to enjoy a day at the beach, these drongos create a real hazard. It's probably just a matter of time before somebody gets a knuckle sandwich from an angry parent trying to protect the kids.

New Adventure Playground
Adventure PlaygroundAdventure PlaygroundAdventure Playground
The official opening of the new adventure playground took place on 9 September at the school. A number of dignitaries were present and speeches were made, acknowledging the people who got behind the project to bring it to completion.

Jumbo Slip
Orere / Tapapakanga land slip © Gary Healey Orere Point
Around this coast, we're used to a few ships during winter. The geological makeup of the soil lends itself to slippage after heavy or steady rain. From the point of view of recent years, this slip, just on the Orere side of Tapapakanga must be at least the size of the one at Kawakawa Bay when the road was closed for a few weeks. Fortunately, it happened at a place where nobody was badly affected, although the land owner my disagree. Click on the photo to see the dangling fence.

Orere Community & Boating Club Inc.
The OCBC Annual General Meeting was held on 17 July, when Edward Pram was elected unopposed as Chairperson. The committee comprises the following people: Gary Healey, Liz Robinson, Travis Pram, Aaron Stein, Kiri Pram, Colleen Steers, Keryy Pitiroi, Edwina Moka, Rick Simpson, Shaun Singleton and Hope Stein.
In recognition of their long service, Life Membership was accorded to Edwina, Kerry and Rick.
Minutes for the AGM can be found HERE
Chairperson's Report is HERE
Treasurer's Report is HERE
Membership renewals commenced at the AGM and the lock was changed for the boat ramp gate. For new memberships and renewals, including keys, contact Gary on 2922189 / 027 3573328. If coming around, it pays to call first. Address is 80 Howard Rd. There is a sign 'Tui Cottage' at the top of the drive. Some people have been a bit confused about which door to knock on so here's the info:
At the bottom of the path, past the garage is Tui Cottage. This is the holiday rental so knocking on that door will get you nowhere. On the post is a door bell that rings in the house, or you can go through the gate on the left to get to the front door. New gate keys are only issued on return of previous key. New memberships need to be ratified before key is issued. You can also join on-line by filling in the form HERE and submitting.

Kawakawa Bay & Orere Health Clinics
These clinics provide a vital service to the community, and are not, as many people assume, fully funded. Money is always tight, and the clinics rely on fundraising activities and memberships to keep afloat. You can help by becoming a member - a bargain at $25 pa for individuals or $50 pa for families. Contact the clinic on 2922812 or kkbhc@xtra.co.nz, or grab a form HERE.
Clinics are selling First Aid Kits for $45. For details see description HERE

Ring Road
The ring road at the lower reserve continues to be a contentious issue for locals. The latest effort to fix the road looks very much like all the previous efforts that did not last long.... Sigh....

Police Message

As the Community Constable in the area there are a couple issues that have arisen that the public can help Police with.

When you discover an historic incident at home or your work place, such as property being taken from a shed, stock being taken, vandalism etc. This all needs to be reported to Police on 09 295 0200 and ask the operator to be put through to the Crime reporting line. Then a file can be created and it goes into the Police system, after that it will go to our Enquiry team to make the appropriate enquiries.

Ringing your Community Constable directly or a Police Officer you may know cuts  out this step and causes delays in investigations.

We are still having problems with rural burglaries, so remember to lock up tight when you are out for the day. Report any suspicious activity you see, suspicious vehicle are a 111 call. If you are home and you see a vehicle casing out properties ring 111 straight away, not a family member or other local residents.

We are still having issues across the district with boy racers. If these people are congregating in your area and blocking roads, doing skids etc, this is a 111 call. People still have a misconception about calling 111 for this type of behaviour, this is dangerous and could be life threatening at the very least call *555 at the time. Getting registrations/photos would be extremely helpful to Police, however do not put yourself in danger obtaining these.

We can all help each other with these issues by remaining vigilant and reporting crime through the correct channels.

Thank you
Jason Young
Clevedon Community Constable

Orere Book Club

For info call Jenny 189 or Nicky 509

Local Fashion
The Orere Point Community & Boating Club is selling polo shirts and caps. The shirts are $25 and the caps $12. Get both for $35. Sizes are from S - 3X. Contact Edward Pram (794) if you'd like to get into these.

Please send anything that might be of local interest to or ring Gary to talk about it on 292 2189. You can also send something here.

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