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Some Orere Point residents don't have a computer, let alone an Internet connection. Some of the items herein may be of interest to others who won't find out about things until the seasonal newsletter turns up in their letterboxes. If you have friends or neighbours out here who don't have Internet access, please feel free to pass on any bits of info you think worth sharing. You can also get full colour copies of the newsletters below.

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Orere Community & Boating Club Inc - AGM - 17 July
OCBC will be holding their Annual General Meeting on 17 July 2016 at the Orere War Memorial Hall at 10.00am. Only club members can vote, but you are all welcome to attend and have your say about things that concern you and your family. Refreshments will be served after the meeting, and you will be able to join or renew your subscrition and get a new key to boat ramp gate (if applicable). Please bring old key back. Details of subscription fees are on the Community & Boating Club page - click HERE - and on membership form.

Note: To save time, you can get your membership form for 2016-2017 HERE. You can either print, fill in and bring along to the AGM, or fill in and email with screen shot of the payment. If you cannot get to the AGM but wish to join or renew, contact Gary Healey 2922189 / 027 3573328.
Donna Dean in Concert

Orere Point is lucky to be able to count acclaimed singer / songwriter Donna Dean as a local. Donna performed at the hall in June, and her concert was much enjoyed by the attendees. In beween chilling out at Orere, teaching yoga at the hall and running her reflexology business, Donna is often on the road, touring and performing.
See www.donnadeansongs.com

Work in progress here...

Wakey Wake...
That's a message for me, not you. We've been overseas for a wee while and although I had done a bit of updating on the site, there was a big software glitch that prevented uploading, so it didn't actually get done before we left. We've been home a few days so time to get into gear and fix everything. I don't know much about local events during the past month, but did pick up a couple of things.

Police Message

As the Community Constable in the area there are a couple issues that have arisen that the public can help Police with.

When you discover an historic incident at home or your work place, such as property being taken from a shed, stock being taken, vandalism etc. This all needs to be reported to Police on 09 295 0200 and ask the operator to be put through to the Crime reporting line. Then a file can be created and it goes into the Police system, after that it will go to our Enquiry team to make the appropriate enquiries.

Ringing your Community Constable directly or a Police Officer you may know cuts  out this step and causes delays in investigations.

We are still having problems with rural burglaries, so remember to lock up tight when you are out for the day. Report any suspicious activity you see, suspicious vehicle are a 111 call. If you are home and you see a vehicle casing out properties ring 111 straight away, not a family member or other local residents.

We are still having issues across the district with boy racers. If these people are congregating in your area and blocking roads, doing skids etc, this is a 111 call. People still have a misconception about calling 111 for this type of behaviour, this is dangerous and could be life threatening at the very least call *555 at the time. Getting registrations/photos would be extremely helpful to Police, however do not put yourself in danger obtaining these.

We can all help each other with these issues by remaining vigilant and reporting crime through the correct channels.

Thank you
Jason Young
Clevedon Community Constable


Open Fire Season
We are now in a open fire season, which means a permit is not required to have a fire outside. That doesn't mean you can have stinky bonfires that send smoke all over the neighbourhood. Please be considerate and have some fire sense, and if such a thing still exists, some common sense.

Orere Book Club

For info call Jenny 189 or Nicky 509

Local Fashion
The Orere Point Community & Boating Club is selling polo shirts and caps. The shirts are $25 and the caps $12. Get both for $35. Sizes are from S - 3X. Contact Edward Pram (794) if you'd like to get into these.

Please send anything that might be of local interest to or ring Gary to talk about it on 292 2189. You can also send something here.

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